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The Corona Virus’ Impact on Sunrise Spokane

The Corona virus has swept over the USA and especially Washington in the past few weeks. Naturally, this has hugely impacted what Sunrise Spokane is planning and how we are going to plan it. We have moved all of our meetings to zoom, which has been a learning curve, but we are now confidently using zoom to connect, plan, and check up on each other during this strange time.

Unfortunately, the strike we were planning in conjuction with other climate justice groups in the area had to be cancelled, because large groups of people are now prohihbited from occuring and we want to keep everyone safe and healthy. Do not despair! There will still be a strike on earth day, but it will be held online. The details of the stike are still being planned, but once everything is set in stone we will put out another blog post telling you how to participate. In the meantime, you can participate in the Fridays For Future weekly virtual strikes on the social media platform of your choice. Just post yourself with a climate strike sign and include “#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture” in your caption. Our Instagram page will be sharing these posts, too. If you want to get involved more heavily with the strike planning, now is also a great time to join Sunrise! Just comment below on this post and we can help you get involved!

We at Sunrise Spokane hope that you are staying happy and healthy in your home and that you are just as excited as we are about Earth Day 2020! <3

Author: @mayahlwrites